Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Harry Johnson's Evaluation

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
Although our music video and digipack are quite alternative and odd for a pop genre, you can see that it matches a lot of the genre characteristics and Goodwin's points.
The first thing I notice when I watch our music video is that it is generally very upbeat and fun, there's lots of colours and has a lot of humour and comedy involved, this is an example of one of Goodwin's points, music and visuals. The humour and comedy involved in the video is taken from many pop videos that are already out, when we were story boarding, I imagined a video with a similar style to Mcfly, videos like Please I always thought was similar to ours, it's about a group of young men chasing girls.. Another convention met by our music video involves lyrics and visuals, the lyrics are sung by the actual band in the video. We can also see that the music video tells a story, which matches the genre characteristics.
The music video was shot mainly at school which matches the genre characteristics and it helps the audience identify with the band, the costumes we used also play a part in this because we planned to wear school clothes and wear our bags.
The shot types in our music video can be quite similar to ones of a generic pop video, there are a lot of jump cuts to match the beat of the video. Almost all of the shots center on Adam because he is the leader of the band, this is the case in most pop videos.
Our digipack is quite different to our music video, it challenges more conventions and has a slightly different style. The DVD cover doesn't match the genre characteristics because it seems to be very simple and symbolic, I would expect a normal pop cover to be more colourful and erratic. Our magazine advert matches more conventions and conforms to them because it includes a picture of the band and I would say that it matches more conventions and conforms to them because it includes a picture of the band and i would say that the fonts used are more fun.
This doesn't say that our music video conforms to all the stereotypes of a pop video, it challenges conventions by being slightly more child unfriendly due to fighting and scenes that are not strictly suitable for children, Our digipack develops the convention of being eye catching by not becoming bright and big to get attention, the design natural gets my attention because it is so unusually simple and stylish.

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?
I think that our projects have lost some of their effectiveness for looking too different, for example, our video is 'in-your-face' and colourful and our digipack is almost the complete opposite.
Although this may generally be considered a bad combination, I think that because the projects have different styles, they draw in a larger audience.
The DVD cover and the magazine advert work better together than the DVD cover, magazine advert and music video, the music video is different to the other projects because it is more silly and materialistic while the DVD cover and magazine advert are deep and refined.
All together I think that our products work well a promotional package, the DVD cover and the magazine advert have a very similar style so it creates a good sense of consistency among our products.

3. What have you learned from audience feedback?
We have learned a lot from feedback, it has caused us to rethink a lot of our best ideas and improve our final project by a lot.
After seeing the rough cut for the video we were given feedback from our teacher, the main thing that we needed to change in the video was the length of the clips, in the rough cut they were too long and dragged on for a while so we broke up the scenes and included clips that we had previously decided not to have.
We were told that our video was not very smooth and we needed more transitions after the rough cut as well, we reacted to this and added more effects between scenes. There was an effect where the scenes chopped together in the beginning of the music video that was put into the rough cut, it was liked by the audience so we added it to several other scenes later in the video. we have learned that simplicity can be more effective than having a cluttered design on our digipack.
After pitching our idea for the music video to the class we gathered feedback and were told that our idea of going through a students life may be boring for the audience, this taught us to analyse what we were filming so we could see if it was funny enough.

4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
We used multiple technologies throughout working, we spent a lot of time on Final Cut, editing clips together to make our video. I thought this software was very easy to use and allowed basic users to use it and more advanced users to still be able to use their skills.
Through working on editing the video I feel that I have increased my abilities with Final Cut and learned some valuable things. I managed to speed up editing small clips by using hotkeys, it was much faster to press a key on the keyboard than click the button on the screen every time I needed to change what I was doing. I have also learned how effective text can be in a video, there was a boring scene that we managed make to make interesting by using coloured text on the video.
Photoshop was a useful tool in creating our digipack and by using it with the internet and Google images, we were able to create very interesting designs that matched exactly what we were thinking.
The internet has lots of images and videos available for anyone to analyse, this helped us plan our products better because we had a very good idea of what has been done before us.
The website Youtube has been a huge help in planning the products, it allowed us to get inspiration from artists before we went to film our own video, without this we may not have came up with some of the best scenes. The student blogs are a major help too, it allows us to broadcast our ideas to teachers and students anywhere and get instant feedback, this can be very helpfull if we need another persons opinion, sometimes it can be hard to see things from the audience's point of view.
The camera equipment was vital in creating the music video, the tripod helped create proffessional looking shots that would have been incredibly difficult to do without, we ended up scrapping several clips that were filmed without the tripod because they just looked too amateur.



Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Joe Sorensen's Music Video Evaluation

In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our media products have to show the Goodwins points which are matching visuals to lyrics, matching visuals to music, selling the artist, intetxtuality, genre characteristics and voyeurism. our media product matches visuals to music when the beat is on at the start we use a jumpy effect by cutting and deleting little segments of the video to match the beat, which make the character look like he is walking to the beat. The main lyrics for the song are "touch me, touching you", so we made the characters in the video either touch someone or do the actions of touching someone when those lyrics were sung. Also we have the words "touch me, touching you" come up on the screen in bright colours. Our characters in the video are trying to get the attention of a girl, which shows voyeurism towards the girl making her look like an object to be desired. Our choice of song was a pop song, so the genre characteristics are that the song needs to be upbeat, colourful and happy. Our song has a good beat to it and the jump cuts that we use to match the beat show just how upbeat it is when the character is walking faster and to the beat. In allot of pop songs there are lots of props used for example microphones and other props depending on  the location. Our group did some research and we found we do not use as many props as other music videos and found out that our locations e.g. the school and t a house are not the usual locations as they are not very fancy. We challenge the conventions of pop songs in other ways also by having the end of the story end badly for the main character, by not getting the girl he has been chasing, also we tried to use as many shot varieties and types as e could but when we did our research we had no where near as  many as other videos. We researched other pop songs such as Jessie McCartney and Brittany Spears to compare with our own song, also comedy was not used in either of these pop videos and is not considered as a convention of pop songs, and in our video we have gone for as much comedy as we could, to give a new twist on normal pop songs. Our ancillary tasks challenge other digipacks and magazine adverts by having a dark colour background instead of  bright colours, also we haven't got a lot of photos of the band on them as fans who already know the band will not need to know this.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?

With our song being a pop song our digipack and magazine advert need to match the tempo and theme of the video. The basic conventions that we had to use were putting vital information on them to match real ancillary tasks, things like a record label and prices. The combination of both the music video and the ancillary tasks worked well i think because they are contrasting. The digipack and magazine advert have a dark background, not many pictures and little colour, where as the video is colourful and upbeat. Having a contrast works well because it gets different people interested, as it shows different sides to the group and doesn't let people know a lot of the video. Both of the ancillary tasks link well together because they use the same colour scheme, both of them tasks have little information on them because we thought that a minimalistic design would be nicer and not overwhelm the people buying it but also real fans who will buy the DVD and look at the magazine will not need to know that much information as they will already be fans. We tried to make our ancillary bold and eye catchy and the contrasting colour scheme with a dark background makes it stand out in front of others to make new people buy and become fans.

What have you learned from audience feedback?

All the groups gave feedback on our video when we all watched each others and gave reviews on the blog. Having other groups doing the same thing as us give feedback was very helpful as they had ideas that we would not of thought of so we found it very valuable. Having groups that are doing different projects to us but using the same media technologies would help because other groups may have other techniques to do things we cant. One example of where feedback from other groups helped with our video is that some scenes were not funny to others where as they are funny o us, what we did is looked back at bits that may not be funny to others and exchanged them with other parts we have filmed. Other groups also told us that parts of our video did not flow with the music, so we went back and changed parts to make it all make sense and flow. The feedback from other groups helped our video overall by letting us know opinions of people who are doing the same thing as us how they would do different things to us. We had feedback from teachers as well, who advised on how we could make the digipack and video better. One teacher told us that the digipack should be minimalistic to not give to much away, because only fans will buy the DVD and they will not need to know all this information. This helped us because we had more space for a picture of the band and other things to make it stand out. Also one teacher showed us that the jumpy effects at the start would be better than just standard filming so that it matches the beat. We also got feedback from our rough cut video, this helped us to know what was wrong with the video whilst we still had time to go back and change it. Having more time to prepare meant that we could focus on finer details and get everything to match, also the teachers who have helped us no more and there knowledge was valuable.

How did you use media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?

In the construction stage of our video we used final cut programme. Final cut allows us to upload the video clips we recorded so we could play all the footage at once, and put it in order. We could cut parts of the clips we do not want out and re-order the clips to the relevant part of the song. The programme has levels which you can upload clips on to show we they go co-ordinating with the song, you were able to then match the song with the movements of the characters. whilst doing the construction of the ancillary tasks we used photoshop to create them.When researching we used the internet to find pictures of other digipacks and magazine adverts. Google images let us find all the pictures for example the dvd cover for Jessie McCartney's dvd. The blog also let us research past groups work so that we can anylyse with our own. We found in the research stage that other groups had done more research on other digipacks and magazine adverts so we decided to go back and research some more. In the planning stage we used the blog to show what we had done through the lesson and our ideas, we put our original plan for our project on the blog so that we could get feedback from our teacher. Blogger was also used for planning as it had deadlines that we needed to follow and the instructions of what we had to do, so we used them as a checklist to go through and blog everything that needed to be done. To evaluate our product we used Blogger as well, we uploaded our video to the blog and also the questions we had to answer were on there as well.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Jack's Evaluation Questions

  1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

    Our media product uses conventions of real media products in several ways. The song we chose was “Touch Me Touching You” by Alphabeat and is of the pop genre. We aimed to meet the typical conventions you may find in a pop music video in a number of ways. First, our music video conforms as it is upbeat and fun. We purposely tried to keep the video upbeat to flow with the music and to suit the genre characteristics. This can be shown in the first scene when Adam is getting up from bed and the scene jumps along with the music. We also tried to make the video fun by including dancing. We tried to meet the genre characteristics by making the video colourful, however, I feel that the only point where we succeeded in adding colour is where “Touch Me Touching You” appears when Adam is singing as the text is colourful. There were several comedy elements in our music video such as when Harry gets pushed away by Annabelle and we all laugh, or when Annabelle walks off and I start crying. Our overall aim was to show that we weren't serious, which is a common theme in most pop music videos. Another example of a way we used conventions of real media products is the fact we all sang the lyrics to the song. This is expected in almost every music video. The video also tells a story. Voyeurism is used as Annabelle is an object of desire which is a convention of most music video's aimed at teenagers. Another example of teenage themes is the fact that the video takes place at a college and that we are all college students. The location we chose was perfect for the type of music video as it showed that we were obviously college students who were having fun. We also met conventions as the lyrics/visuals are linked, such as “Your still a stranger to me” and Annabelle appears and also “Gonna touch you baby” when I sit down and put my arm around Annabelle. Music/Visuals are met at the beginning of the song where the video is cut and jumps along with the music. There is also an aspect of selling the artist when me and Harry open the doors for Adam, indicating he is our front man. There is no intertextuality, although we had originally planned on having a scene with an iPod on showing Alphabeat playing on the screen. The video challenges conventions when Adam goes to thrust Annabelle and when Adam fights Joe as these are both not expected in a music video. The Digipack challenges conventions as they are simple and minimalistic, for example, the DVD Cover has a black background with a colourful stripe across is, but apart from the typical things you may expect on a DVD cover (barcode, logo's etc), it is the only detail we include. The magazine advert also follows this design, with the exception of a picture of the band on the front. The picture of the band conforms conventions more as it is fairy typical to have a picture of a band on their advert.

  2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?

    I feel that the combination of the main product and ancillary tasks are very effective. Our music video is well made and fits in with the pop genre. We used transitions which gave the music video an essence of professionalism. The editing that was done at the beginning was also good, supported in our peers comments. The ancillary tasks support our video as it shows an illusion that the band is actually successful, for example, the minimalistic theme of the DVD cover almost suggests that the band did not need any further detail as just the name was enough. The ancillary tasks are also quite iconic as they emphasize the band's name. This was combined with reviews from magazines which made the band seem successful. The black background contrasts with the colourful stripe and the name of the band is emphasized which I feel works well in terms of selling the artist The similarity of the ancillary tasks work well as it creates an iconic theme that the fans of the band would identify with. The ancillary products are related because we put the same recording company on both the DVD cover and the magazine advert which further shows a connection between the two which I feel worked well. In the music video, Adam is our front man, and we have supported this in the magazine advert as in the picture Adam is standing at the front with Harry and I in the background. However, I feel that our ancillary tasks in some way diverge from the music video, as the music video is colourful and fun, while the ancillary tasks are plain and quite dark. Overall, I feel our combination of the ancillary tasks and the main product is effective at creating an iconic image for the band and works well for promoting them. 

  3. What have you learnt from audience feedback?

    Audience feedback has taught me a lot in terms of creating and developing a music video. The feedback we received caused us to rethink our ideas and helped to create a better final product. We were told that our video lacked smoothness as it lacked transitions. We responded by this by adding more transitions such as when the scene changes from Adam's house to at college. We also ensured we had continuity by making each clip flow in sync, such as when Harry is walking over to Annabelle (we edited it so it did not jump or have Harry changing places). This has taught me the importance of keeping the video smooth as well as making sure scenes are not too sudden to change. Another piece of feedback we received was that the effect at the beginning of our music video was good. We responded to this by extending the amount of time the effect lasted, but we were careful to make sure we did not over-use it. This taught me the importance of fulfilling the viewers needs and not necessarily your own. We received feedback from a teacher who said that the digipack may look better if it was minimalistic. At first we questioned this as we were not sure, but after our peers analysed both with detail and without detail, they opted for the less detail. This taught me that less can sometimes be more, especially when making an advert or DVD cover. We were told that the scenes were too long and dragged on. This made us rethink our approach to the music video, and we responded by making scenes shorter and also filming more footage to put between scenes. An example of this is when I start crying when Annabelle walks off as before this scene was put in, there was a long clip of just Annabelle walking down the stairs which was boring. A final lesson learnt from audience feedback is that just because a scene is funny to you does not mean it is funny to other people. An example of this was the scene we were going to have of Adam, Harry and myself walking down the road dancing. However, after feedback, we found out this scene was not as funny as we first thought, so we exchanged this for Harry getting rejected by Annabelle. Overall, audience feedback greatly improved our video and made a fuller and more professional final product. 

  4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

    We used Final Cut Express to create the music video. It allowed us to edit clips and cut out the footage we did/did not want. I found it was very easy to use and allowed basic users to develop their skills, as well as allowing more advanced users to build on the skills they had already. By using Final Cut we could import the song we had chosen and make the song and video in sync. I could also mute the video so there was no background noise and just the noise from the song. Final Cut was useful for adding transitions which overall made the video look a lot more professional. It also allowed us to put text over the video such as when “Touch Me Touching You” appears on screen.
    Photoshop was used to create the DVD cover and magazine advert. It allowed us to create an outline of the DVD cover that we could then work on by adding layers. The most useful part of using Photoshop was the tools it had to offer, such as the magic wand and lasso tools which made editing pictures easy. Google Images also worked well combined with Photoshop as we could look at other products to get ideas on how to design our own.
    The internet was important in planning our music video. YouTube was used as it enabled us to compare our video to other music videos. This not only gave us ideas, but caused us to change our original plan for the music video as we compared our video to a real music video and found out that we did not have any where near enough changes in clips/camera angles. We could also use YouTube to see the conventions of real pop music videos. Blogging on the internet was a use of media technologies that was crucial to creating the music video. We were able to plan our ideas and blog them for classmates to see and comment. Blogs we had made could be looked at later to remind us of our plans.
    Finally, the cameras we used were important as without them we would not have been able to film our music video. The features on the camera included a zoom which we used at various points in creating our music video. There was a dolly that allowed us to move the camera steadily while filming and also the tripod which made the camera steady in a fixed position. These technologies helped us to create a smoother and more professional music video.

Evaluation Questions Adam

The conventions that we had to meet were the Goodwins points.
Goodwins points evauluate whether the video meats:
- Genre characteristics
- Music/ Lyrics
- Visuials/ Lyrics
- Voyeurism
- Intertextuality
- Selling the artist

Our genre charcaterstics well, the song "Touch me, Touching you" is a pop song which is happy, lively,
and colourful, this is represented in our music video by using lots of jump cuts which go well with the tempo of the song, which is upbeat.
The genre characteristics are also represented by making it comedic and through colourful writing and mise-en-scene,
 this occurs when Adam is singing through a hair brush, the comedy factor is portraid through the excentric arm swimming,
and the fact its a hair brush not a microphone, and the colourful writing shows how we have tried to make it enjoyable by using waky bright colours.
Clothing doesnt particually stand out how ever we made sure we all carried bags to represent college boys, this isn't a genre characteristic but is a characteristic within the story of our video, and matches visuals to lyrics.

Music / Visuals is maintained thorugh out, we used the lyrics "Touch me Touching you" to represent college boys fancying a girl, visuals are shown right from the start as Adam sings into the hair brush, followed by a toothbrush, exadurating the typical preperation a teenager would make to impress a girl.
By meeting the goodwins points we are able to meet voyeurism, in our video it is represented as one single girl as she is the main focus, and is the whole reason for the actions the boys take.
This may challange the genre conentions as in the music charts today explicit scenes, or baring of more skin are becoming more and more common e.g.recently Rihanna - Whats my name features in the bedroom and on the streets, in skimpy clothing (hot pants, and small top).

Our ancillary tasks also meet the genre characteristics, both magazine article and DVD cover, maintain the same theme, and contrast a black background with bright writing and a rainbow pattern, this helps catch the eye of viewers, and will help make them recognise it.
By using a picture of the boy trio, this represents the band, its very basic but yet in your face.


Our video and ancillary taks are combined through colours, the DVD and mgazine cover are very similar,
 this makes it effective as it will help the public remember us and our name.
We have contrasted a black back ground with a rainbow coloured boarder line cutting through,
this works well with the video because the is lively which matches with the pop genre,
 adding to that the artist is being represented as different to others through the comedic approach to girls,
and the way they maintain a weird dance thorugh out the video. So the colours of the ancillary text represent the type of group they are.
It is very basic, however that makes it more "in your face",
easy to remember and by adding a cut out of the 3 band members it helps to make people remember their faces, making it stand out to the public eye.

All 3 work well as a promo as they are all maintain the same theme, the video being aiming to make people laugh, and enjoy it, and the ancillary tasks to represent the type of band, through the contrasting colours.
The ancillary tasks meet basic conventions of DVD and magazine covers meeting law requirements such as minimum age, record producer, and where to buy the DVD,
we placed the the record producer, DVD logo and DVD producer along the bottom of the DVD back this is because they are not the main focus, and do not want them getting in the way, however they are at a decent size this is so that people can recognise the record producer easier, and maybe favour certain producers, helping to sell the DVD more.

From our rough cut we learnt that by filming shots and shortening scenes would make the music video easier and more enjoyable to watch, as from our feed back we were told our scenes were to long, and therefore made it less funny as humour is shown through different scenes.
We also learnt from our teachers that little but frequent effects are more effective than complicated effects, because of this we used lots of jump cuts, and 2 or 3 effective transitions, rather than alot of pointless ones.

We learnt from feedback on  our DVD coer that a picture of the band would make it more effective, as our origional only had a pattern, this made the link between the video and ancillary tasks unclear, it also gave no meanting to the contrasting colours, and didnt give the public an eye what the group is all about.
We were also told that more pictures were needed by students, how ever we chose to ignore it as teachers advised uus that little is more effective and that other students tend to over complicate there ancillary tasks by using to many images and over crowding their page.


On planning our video we were able to use the internet to analyse hit artists music, ones that were similar to how we wanted ours to be, this helped us descide on our video storyline as we were able to see how artists match their music to lyrics, and visuals to lyrics, whether they contrasted it or not.
We used Jesse McCartney - Just So You Know to analyse how many different scenes were used through out, there was over 100, my groups barely reached 50, this was a huge help as were were able to understand how to make our video flow more and therefore more enjoyable to watchers.

Final cut was fairly easy to get to grips with, it allowed advanced and basic users to create good videos.
We were able to up the tempo of our video recordings, add transitions, reverse recordings, all of which we experimented and implemented within our video.
We use jump cuts for the opening scenes, and when the 3 boys approach the school we used we speeded it up, so that it flowed with the beat of the music, and we also used slow mo when the group is walking down the corridor, adding to the comedy factor.

Blogs allowed us to put alll our research together, this made it easier to compare ideas, and make final ideas.
It also was useful for feedback on rough cuts etc, allowing us to weigh up peoples views and ideas to hopefully help produce a better product.
Because of the feeback we managed to make a significant change to the final outcome, of which i have refered to: Adding jump cuts to the opening scene to set the tempo, this was effective as it is very in your face and gives the watcher an immediate insight to what the rest of the video will be like.

Photoshop half of our group found quite hard to get to grips with at the start, we felt that the programme over complicates things, such as using layers for each individul text, photo etc on your template. It also over complicates basic procedures that are easily done one word, or paint such as adding effects to writing or photos, adding boarders.
How ever it allowed us to create our ancillary tasks that are compatible in todays music market, through basic use of photoshop, using boarders, back ground colours, inserting a photo, and headings.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Directors Commentary

Things we need to do when thinking of what to say on the directors commentary.

  • Discuss all four questions.
  • Everybody in the group should speak on every question.
  • must use points from everybody's answers to make a group answer.
  • Refer to all of your products, e.g. video, digipack and the advert.
 Planning what the directors commentary should look like and the format we will choose.
  • A suitable location to film.
  • The style of the commentary 
  • The presentation that we will do and the format that we use.
  • Plan a rough time line of what and when we will say parts of the answer, who will say what when and what clips or still images we will use and and what points in the commentary they will be shown.
    Publish Post

Plan for Commentary

Location - Upstairs in a room in G-Block
Style - Each one of us at a time speaking and cutting to evidence as we speak. We won't look straight into the camera as it would be awkward to watch.

1-2 minutes each question

Cut back at various points when referencing other media products and show images of the examples we looked at - Use clips from video to prove where we used it
1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

- Uses conventions where video is upbeat and fun + colours + comedic + not serious + lyrics song by actual band + video tells story + Annabelle is the girl that we all desire + typical teenage themes + voyeurism in teenage approach to girl + lyrics linked with video + selling the artist when harry and jack open the doors for Adam, shows him to be a leader, worshiped +  = Genre characteristics met
- Digipack challanges convetions as its simple + symbolic
- Magazine conforms more as it has picture of band
- Music video challenges conventions when Adam humps Annabelle + fights Joe

2) How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?

- Lost effectiveness as the digipack and poster are completely different from the video, very dark and black while video is fun and colour
- Strong video + ancillary tasks make band seem successful + iconic + reviews emphasize professionalize
- Magazine + DVD cover both use similar styles + the style is lively which suits the video  + in your face + simplistic

3) What have you learnt from audience feedback?

- Caused us to rethink ideas - lacked smoothness + needed more transitions - we reacted by adding more transitions
- We extended the chopping and jumping at the beginning at our peers really enjoyed it
- A teacher commented on how little effects were more effective - less is more
- Scenes too long - we made them shorter
- Overall improved video
- Exchanging scenes we found funny to scenes that were actually funny

4) How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

- Final cut - Editing clips - easy to use - allowed basic users + advanced users to develop and express skills + could adjust speed/volume of scenes
- Photoshop - useful in digipack - using google with photoshop allowed us look at other products and design ours in a similar fashion + start with outline and construct full product
- Internet - YouTube useful for planning - compare other music videos + get ideas + see conventions - Google Images - useful for digipack - could compare real DVD covers
- Cameras - tripod + dolly - usefulness?
- Blogs - Planning + feedback

Miley Cirus - 4 minute dance cover directors commentary

Miley Cirus has made a dance crew called M&M and they made this video to show another dance crew the famous people they have called up to dance for them. This is not the usuall music video this is more of a viral dnace video that shows off to another dance crew. The Madonna 4 minutes song is what they were dancing to so it counts as a music video.

The director of the video is doing the commentary for the video. He is speaking about the video whilst it is playing, which is one way of doing a commentary, but the way our gropu will do it is flashing between the shots and us talking. The director talks at the right time to coinside with the video and the people on the screen.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Analysis of last years Group 05 commentary

The commentary video was in chronological order, going from the planning stage right the way up to the filming etc. They sat to the side rather than in the centre of the screen. The lighting was quite dark. There were clips in between the commentary which included pictures regarding what they were talking about.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

new covers

Magazine Advert

Friday, 26 November 2010

Digipack DVD Cover

Before - Our feedback was that it may look better without pictures as the theme is very iconic.

After feedback


Our use of technology

We have used Photoshop to create our Digipack. It has allowed us to be creative because the software is fairly easy to use while it can implicate professional themes. It has also allowed us to create more interesting designs because we have been practicing with it.

We used Final Cut to edit and put together our music video. This has been very important in terms of the creative process. It has allowed us to edit the footage and cut out the parts we did not want. The use of several effects have greatly improved the quality of the music video. This has helped us develop creative skills in video editing such as transitions and effects.

Pictures from Video

We have chosen the images because they show off the story of the video. We used screenshots from the actual video to show the viewer what they are going to see. The first picture shows all of us singing which shows off our talent. The second picture is of Annabelle to show the object of our desire. The last picture is of Adam getting strangled by Joe, which is to show a comical factor.

Ideas for Ancillary products

We will use a black background for the magazine advert and the Digipack because it strong yet simplistic. We will use pictures of all the characters from the music video. We plan to get a camera and take these pictures some time soon. Joe and Annabelle will be near the camera and Jack, Adam and Harry will be in the background staring at Annabelle. We will use all the general things that you will expect to find on a digipack such as the DVD logo and a barcode. The digipack will include a strong colourful pattern and the artists name clearly across the front.

Ideas for DVD Cover

Questionnaire to assess target audience

How old are you?

Where do you listen to your music?

How do you find out about new music?

How do you get your music?

At what time do you watch television?

What makes a band appealing?

1. 17
2. In my study in my house
3. download from Itunes
4. In the evening
5. If they are attractive.

1. 17
2. At home, in my room
3. From the internet, friends
4. Spotify, iTunes
5.  If they play good music

Analysis of Digipacks and Magazines

Spice Girls DVD Cover
This cover is fairly simple and plain. The background is white which indicates a sense of calmness while the "Spice Girls" logo is colourful. The DVD logo is situated at the top right of the cover. The "Spice Girls" logo is repeated on the spine of the cover. The DVD logo and producer is also on the spine. On the back the track list is featured and it also includes an "Extras" section. The bar code is on the back and there is also a link to a website which is typical.

Take That Magazine Cover
This magazine advert shows the band to be playful. They are jumping around and having fun. Their clothing is very similar as they are all wearing black leather jackets. They are all laughing which shows they are happy, which reflects the genre. There is a plain white background which makes you focus more on the band. The magazine logo is in the top left hand corner and the barcode is at the right near the bottom. The bands name is in large writing at the top to show clearly who the band are. The is text saying "Back for good?" which is appealing to the reader as obviously they will want to know.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Group Feedback


Goodwin's points:

Voyeurism:  The whole video is enjoyable to watch because it has a lot of humour in it. Its always engaging and entertains the viewers.

Visuals and lyrics: during the chorus they all try to touch the girl , that fits with the lyric " touch me touching you". Also they put the "touch me touching you lyrics up on the screen on the chorus.

Music and visuals: When the chorus comes in the scene changes.

Selling the artist: The main artist is the focus throughout the whole video and his always the certain of the shot.

Genre characteristics: The genre of this song is pop and the footage fits in with this genre as its all about having fun.

P1-02 Feedback

We thought that the narrative and the pace of the video worked well with the upbeat song. There was a variety of shots and locations however we thought that there weren't enough different camera angles and distances. We liked the slow motion effect used and the lyrics flashing up on the screen but we think that this could have been used more throughout the video. We didn't understand the need for the unusual walk and thought the pause before walking forward was not very professional.

P1-04 Final Feedback

Some of the shots are not steady causing the music video to look a bit raggedy. However overall its a simple and effective video that matches visuals to the lyrics and music. There is a varied amount of angles and shot lengths included which improve the watch-ability. There is a good variation of shots throughout the video which keeps the video interesting. There was good use of props in some sections such as the toothbrush and them carrying bags to show they are at college.  From memory the only shot transitions that stuck out were the stripes which moved past each other horizontally and vertically. A critiscism is that at points they have not begun the shot they are standing still as the shot starts.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Blog work for the Ancillary Tasks

Spice Girls DVD Cover
This cover is fairly simple and plain. The background is white which indicates a sense of calmness while the "Spice Girls" logo is colourful. The DVD logo is situated at the top right of the cover. The "Spice Girls" logo is repeated on the spine of the cover. The DVD logo and producer is also on the spine. On the back the track list is featured and it also includes an "Extras" section. The bar code is on the back and there is also a link to a website which is typical.

Take That Magazine Cover
This magazine advert shows the band to be playful. They are jumping around and having fun. Their clothing is very similar as they are all wearing black leather jackets. They are all laughing which shows they are happy, which reflects the genre. There is a plain white background which makes you focus more on the band. The magazine logo is in the top left hand corner and the barcode is at the right near the bottom. The bands name is in large writing at the top to show clearly who the band are. The is text saying "Back for good?" which is appealing to the reader as obviously they will want to know.

Questionnaire to assess target audience
How old are you?

Where do you listen to your music?

How do you find out about new music?

How do you get your music?

At what time do you watch television?

What makes a band appealing?

Ideas for DVD Cover

Ideas for Ancillary products 
We will use a brick background for the magazine advert and the Digipack because it represents an urban theme. We will use pictures of all the characters from the music video. We plan to get a camera and take these pictures some time soon. Joe and Annabelle will be near the camera and Jack, Adam and Harry will be in the background staring at Annabelle. We will use all the general things that you will expect to find on a digipack such as the DVD logo and a barcode.

Pictures from Video
We have chosen the images because they show off the story of the video. We used screenshots from the actual video to show the viewer what they are going to see. The first picture shows all of us singing which shows off our talent. The second picture is of Annabelle to show the object of our desire. The last picture is of Adam getting strangled by Joe, which is to show a comical factor.

Our use of technology

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Today's lesson

Today's Lesson

Today we have been editing the video, we are trying to break up long clips into smaller ones because they go on too long.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

This lesson of editing

In this lesson we did some more editing and added some more transitions. This will hopefully make the video more professional and more entertaining. In our film we had quite a lot of scenes that were sped up so to make there a wider variety of shots and speeds we slowed it right down to create a nice effect. We needed some more shot types so we added some close ups, we did this so by zooming in rather than having to film the whole scene again.

Marking criteria

Holding a shot steady - where appropriate
We have used steady shots for close up singing shots, one of us at college by the pond and one whilst singing into the hair brush.

Framing- including + excluding elements

Using a variety of shot distances
We have used close ups in the house scene where Adam is getting ready and a long shot outside his house. There is an extreme close up when Adam turns the shower on that focuses on his hand. There is also mid shots all the way through the music video.

Shooting material appropriate to the task
The house scene is of Adam getting ready. We feel this displays typical day-to-day teenage life, which is exactly what we aimed to show. Annabelle is the girl in this video and this is relevant as the song goes "Touch me, touching you" which suggests Annabelle is an object of desire. 

Selecting Mise-en-scene 
Props - Combs and toothbrushes. Although we did not use many specific props, we feel it was not necessary as a lot was already at the locations as they were filmed at real life locations, such as Adams house and college.

Editing so meaning is apparent to the viewer
The film is mainly chronological with the exception of a few clips when Adam is getting ready. The video is suppose to show Adam's day to day life, or teenage life in general.

Using varied shot transitions
We used various different shot transitions such as the shot where it changes from the bathroom scene to outside Adam's house. Another example of a transition we used is when it changes from outside Adam's house to the scene at college.

Using sound with images, Editing appropriate individual 
"Your still a stranger to me baby" - Annabelle appears


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Todays lesson

Today we filmed what will hopefully be the last of our footage. We are aware that some scenes are still long however we are not sure how to fill these in without completely re-filming our other scenes which is just not possible in the time we have. We tried to increase our comedy level by filming Adam "sliding up" the stair rail, however, the context was not right and did not fit in with the other scenes.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Teacher Feedback

Well done on your Rough Cut P1-05. You have achieved a lot so far, the video has good use of shot variety which makes it visually interesting. Your ideas meet the genre characteristics well and the strong performance is effective.
I think your next step would be to film some extra footage as at the moment some of your shots are quite long and so more footage will enable more variety.


we need to film some more footage in different locations so that we can fill the blank sopace and have more scene changes like normal music videos have. the comments we got back said that it was funny and that was what we were going for, but one group said that it could get a little excessive so we will have a look and cut some parts out if needed.

Feedback Roughcut

We liked the idea, as the song's lyric matches the visuals.
Some of the scenes were slow and long and did not synchronise with the music too well.
It was funny however a bit excessive in some parts.

Intertextuality: Colgate Toothbrush. Renault Clio.
Voyeurism: Not really.
Genre: matches the Pop genre.

p1-01 feedback

We found this video very funny, this is good because it attracts the audience of our age and doesn't get boring. We felt the narrative was very well done as it was clear to understand.

goodwin's points:

voyeurism: The girl is portrayed as attractive as the whole group want her.

visuals and music: after each verse it changed the locations (eg bed to shower)

music and lyrics: when the lyrics 'touching me touching you' there was physical contact

selling the artist: main person was portrayed as flamboyant.


The video fits the genre characteristics of the song really well as it is lively, upbeat and has comedy in it. There is a wide variety of shots and changes of scenery and the lip syncing is very good. The narrative in this video is good and provides added entertainment to the song. The visuals match the lyrics when the guys are singing about the girl. This video sells the artist because he is the main focus of the video and the comedic character e.g when he is sitting with his friends dancing he is in the middle. An improvement could be that the scenes needs to flow abit better because when the artist is outside his house there is a slight pause where he is standing still waiting for the next verse.  There could also be some more transition effects in between scenes.
P1-03 feedback:-
You need to film int he blank and redo a shot where the hand is over the lense. This is all that needs to be done as you have finished the fliming. (but you already know this)
Very good filming and a general nice feel to the whole video.

Goodwins Points:-
Voyeurism is used with the attractive girl and Adam looking fine with his top off.
Music-Lyrics Lip syncing was well synced
Visual-Lyrics t words matched what was going on

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

What filming do we need to do?

We have started using this jump cut technique to give it a good effectto the beat, how ever this has taken a big chunk out of it, and we do not have any footage thats fits inbetween, when Adam is getting out of bed.

We also need to redo some scenes so that we have more different shots and close ups on people faces showing more emotions, making it funnier for all.

Rough Cut Analysis

We think that the Rough cut looks good at the moment. There are a lot of flaws but overall it goes together well and is fairly fluent. We still have some gaps where we need more footage and some scenes go on a little too long but most scenes are well done.

We think that our peers will find it funny but they would probably comment on lack of location and different camera angles. We hope to remicate this before our final cut by going out and shooting more scenes at several different locations round Cambridge. We are taking the advice of Nick Potamitis who has suggested doing lots of jump cuts in the first scenes to make it a bit more exciting. We think we are implementing this well and it looks good as it goes with the beat of the song.

Lesson Update

Today we are finishing up our rough cut for presentation on tuesday. We are making good progress but we have also identified many areas that we can improve on after, when we have access to the camera again. We are also working on researching other things for the blog.

Goodwin’s Theory of Analysis - Cee Lo Green - F**K YOU

Genre characteristics
This is the conventions that the music video follows and is expected to follow.
Props - Sunglasses, women, boasting wealth, flash car, suits,
video is light hearted

This is how the lyrics are represented in the video
the text "F**K YOU" appears when the lyrics fuck you is sung

This is how the music is represented in the video
The video is upbeat and in time with the music.

This is where the audience find it appealing to watch the artist or actors.
The video has lots of women in it but overall it doesn't focus on voyeurism

References to other pieces of media.
lyrics mention Ferrari, Atari and Xbox. Helps the audience relate to the artist.

Need to sell the artist
This is where the record company will show the artist in a way that will present them in a light that will be attractive to the audience.
The video shows how cee lo goes through an everyday life and becoming rich and famous. The audience can relate to his childhood experiences.  At the end he is rich and famous which is how the record company want people to see him now.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


 Jesse McCartney - Just So You Know

This video had over 100 edits in it, ours only had [x] edits. We need to work on getting more variety in our music video. we need to film from more angles, more locations and use more effects because at the moment some parts of the music video drag on a while.

Music Video Update

Star act from Adam is strong and superb ;)
To make it funnier for everyone we could try jump cuts and tie them in with the beat, also record more close ups to the face to show more facial expressions.
Re-record in better locations to make the scenes more entertaining.
Play with effects e.g. transitions etc.

amusing for ourselves and /or people who know you rather than everyone, but with the right editing can be funny for all.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Fourth lesson of editing

We finished filming the introduction to the music video on wednesday. We think that we were successfull in filming, we have a lot of footage to put into the video. Today we are working on editing it and possibly finishing our rough cut.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Third lesson of editing.

We have just about finished editing all of the footage that we shot in our first filming session. We are having trouble editing all the scenes we want to because we do not have enough footage of some scenes and the scenes that do want are too long. We want shorter clips in between. We may have to refilm some smaller scenes to fit in.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Second lesson of editing

Today we have been focusing on editing all the footage we have shot so far. we have made a lot of progress, we have finished about 70% of the music video and only have the establishing scene to film and edit. We plan to film the bedroom scene on Wednesday and edit it into the music video on Tuesday.

We are going to put all this work together as our rough cut and decide if we need to film more once we have gathered the opinions of our classmates. At the moment we have more footage than we need.

Friday, 8 October 2010

First Recording of Music Video

We managed to record a lot of action at the college, although we had to improvise a lot as we couldn't find the story board, how ever our ideas were put into action.
We were unable to record much lip syncing as the phone we had the song on ran out of battery.

We aim to record at Adams house next Wednesday to film getting ready, and catching the bus and more lip syncing.

We feel we need one more lesson to record the other shots at college e.g. when he gets off the bus, and meets with his friends, and then makes the first eye contact with Annabelle.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Call Sheet

Call Sheet

Director - Joseph Sorensen
Assistant Director - Jack James
Producers - Joseph Sorensen & Jack James

Set & Location finders - Adam Nunn & Harry Johnson

Actors - Main character - Adam Nunn
           -  Best Friends - Jack James & Harry Johnson
           -  Females Who the boys hit on - Annabelle Monks, Emma Caddoo & Emily Baratt

Camera - Joe Sorensen

Transport - Bus.

1st Day of filming:
12:25 - Pick up camera
12:40 - Get on the bus to go to the bottom of long road
16:00 - leave long road to give camera back

2nd day of filming:
14:40 - Collect Camera
15:10 - Start filming at Adams House
1610 - Leave adams for the bus stop scene

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Location Research

Adam's Bedroom
We will be shooting in this location during the first scene where Adam will be getting ready to go to college.
The bedroom location allows us to open up the music video without any problems, it also allows our target audience to relate to the main character because it should appear as an average teenagers messy room.

A Bus
This is the location for the second scene where Adam gets on the bus and listens to his ipod. This is going to reinforce the audiences ability to relate to the main character because it features scenes that the student would see in their day-to-day routine to college. We will be using a public, uncrowded bus to shoot this scene. We chose to film on a bus opposed to walking, biking or driving in a car because it is more average for a student to do so and it seems more boring which makes it comical and exciting when we have Adam lip-syncing the lyrics of the song, this could also be seen as contrapuntal music.

Long Road Sixth Form College
This is the final location where we will round up the end of the music video. One of the main reasons we chose to film in college is because it's very pratical for every member of the group. We can easily organise this part of the music video and spend more time on it that the other parts.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Music Video Storyboard & Timeline

From 13P105 Music Video
From 13P105 Music Video
From 13P105 Music Video
From 13P105 Music Video
From 13P105 Music Video
From 13P105 Music Video

The first four photos are the time line. The last two are the storyboard.
This is the shot list
From 13P105 Music Video

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Mise en scene in our video




Casual clothes


No special lighting
Hopefully lots of sunshine


Urban setting - city
Adams bedroom

Grey city
sunny background


Genre - Pop


sunglasses worn indoors



fashionable clothing, leather jackets etc
casual wear
varies between artists, come wear abstract clothes

bright lighting
strobe lighting


not much, just to make skin look clear
not very noticeable
varies between artists, some have their own style


in clubs
wealthy areas like big houses
abstract locations

 bright neon colours matches in with parties

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Feedback for Pitch

The feedback we got from the group was that we needed more action to make the video more interesting. We have thought about this and we are going to add more comical moments such as when Adam gets out of bed he will tense his "muscle". Also, when Adam is brushing his teeth he will start dribbling. We also were told that we may need permission to film on the bus. We will have to ask the bus driver and try not to film other passengers.

Friday, 24 September 2010


Overal vision
The overall song is a stereotypical single teenagers mind towards girls.
It has a humerous side to it as it is over exadurated, but also links in with the lyrics.
It will start in the morning preparing for college, asking extra effort and build on through out the day, catching the bus, meeting up with friends and having a laugh, arriving at college, in the refectory.

How we meet the goodwins points:
Visuals/ Lyrics - We will be singing along to the song. "touching you touching me" suggests the opposite text, the visuals are of a teenager having is eye on certain girls.

Visuals / Music - The song is an upbeat pop song, the visuals in our video will be very lively with the music, and use jump cuts and transitions to represent a upbeat fast moving song.

Selling the artist - the artist is the main character in the music video, it will represent him as a flirt, and funny.

Intertextuality - We will have a close up of an Ipod playing Alphbeat - Touching me touching you.
Also a text message from another girl. (mobile phone)

Genre characteristics - Pop video; lively, colorful, upbeat, comical.

Voyeurism - There is no revealing women as its pop and will be watched by all ages, how ever voyeurism towards girls is represented through the teenage eye, using lots of shots of eye contact, also the theme of chasing after girls.

Pitch Outline

The video will start in someones house and the main person (Adam) will be getting up out of bed. The person will be in the center of the video and the camera angle with be a mid shot. The midshot will be for the whole of the video. The video will go as follows. Get up out of bed, walks to bathroom, brushes teeth, gets changed, eats breakfast, leaves house, waits at bus stop, gets on bus, sits down on bus, gets off bus, meets friends (Jack and Harry), friends walk on either side of him, Harry goes over to talk to girl and gets slapped, friends walk with him to college.

Camera Angles

- The camera angle will be a mid shot through most of the video, with Adam in the center
- There will be a tracking shot through most of the video as well, tracking Adam from home to college
- There long shot when Adam meets Jack and Harry
- There will be a close up when Harry gets slapped


- iPod will be used when he is listening to song on bus
- Toothbrush in house scene
- Deodrant can in house scene
- Comb in house scene


- Adam - main character at center of screen
- Jack - Adam's friend
- Harry - Adam's friend who gets slapped
- Joe - A girls boyfriend that Adam had his eyes on


- Adam's house
- Bus stop
- On bus
- Cambridge bus station
- Long Road College

Editing style / Filming Style

- Jump cuts when he's getting ready
- Camera follows adam as he's walking down the street.
- Generally has adam in every shot - focuses on him.

Pictures of Location

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Music Video - Track 8 - Initial Ideas

The Music genre is pop, and has a feel good vibe to it.
As the intro comes in its an up beat guitar riff bulding up to the first verse.
our idea for this is to have a man preparing for college / work, waking up -scatching head, the using transition to jump to getting out the shower, looking in the mirror, and doing his teeth, and finally lookig in the mirror before he leaves grooving to the music.

1 st verse - "id like to get to know you" is the first line, this will be mimed in the mirror just before he walks out the house.

DVD Cover

Photoshop task questions

1) How far did you get? - We produced a very basic front cover, however it did meet all the conventions by having a title, picture of the band, and band name. We knew the main points that we would work on for the project and we will implement these in the lesson.

2) What did you struggle with? - Our group struggled with deciding what name to call the band and the picture for the front cover. Coming up with the ideas for the actual background and the writing was not difficult, but trying to get the name and picture was the hardest.

3) How much time do you think you will need for the real thing? - For the draft it has taken us 2 lessons to get all the ideas and meet all the conventions, but in the real thing if we try our hardest and concentrate i think we could complete it i one lesson and anything we have missed off do that night from home.

4) What skills have you developed? - From the task we as a group have developed an understanding of coming up with the ideas. Before this task we argued about band names, titles and pictures, but now we have realised that it just wastes time and for the real thing we shall take 5 mins to decide on the main features and work around them. Another skill we have developed is the knowledge of photoshop. Harry has more knowledge then the rest of us so it was crucial to work out what we need to do in case he can not make it to a lesson. Having more knowledge Harry has taught us new things.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Steps Greatest Hits DVD Cover

The artist is being represented as clean, young and mature. This is shown by the white suits they are wearing. All the pictures on the back side of the cover is of the band happy and smiling, showing they

The conventions that the DVD has is the bands logo on the front cover of the DVD. It includes a picture of the band on the front which is fairly typical as it shows the consumer what they are to expect. On the side there is the DVD logo which shows it is officially DVD format. It includes a synopsis on the back where it tries to sell the DVD by saying it includes "all your favourite steps videos". There are pictures on the back showing a preview of the music videos. There is a track list which is typical of a music video DVD. It also has links to the official Steps website.

We think it accurately attracts the target audience as its aimed at people of all ages, and has no real theme. The white background and plain suits are aimed at all people of all ages.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Britney Spears - An artist that has changed over time

Britney Spears has changed her image and style dramatically over time. She started out as a young, attractive teenage singer, which is evident in her video "Baby One More Time" (Shown in image).

She was portrayed to be a vulnerable school girl. As more and more people began to listen to her music, she changed her music and sold it on her body image rather than her songs. She now tries to have sex appeal and wears skimpy clothes. The reason for her changing has a lot to do with her growing up, as when she started she was in her late teens, and now she is in her 20's and probably felt the need for more independence. She probably also wanted to move away from the image of innocence that had been created in her first music videos.

Hype Williams - Directing Style

Jay Z ft Alisha Keys - Empire State of Mind
Coldplay - Viva La Vida
Christina Aquilera - Not Myself Tonight

Both of these videos were directed by Hype Williams and a similarity between the two is that they both use different colour effects. Most of Empire State of Mind is shot in black and white and then changes to colour, but the Coldplay song is all shot in sepia.

 Another similarity in the video which shows a certain style for Hype Williams is that he likes to focus mainly on the artists who are singing rather than things that are in the background. This means that viewers see mostly the artist and connect with them. This is certainly true for the "Not Myself Tonight" video by Christina Aquilera, as the whole video focuses on her and her body.

Another style that Hype Williams has is he likes placing shots in regular wide-screen ratio, whilst another shot is split and placed in the upper bar. Another style that he likes to use is using the fish eyed lens that distorts the shot around the center. Another style is getting a shot of the artist mid section and a solid colour background and softer colour light being shown around to make it seem luminous.

Auteur Theory

The Auteur Theory is a theory by Andre Bazin - It is that a director has a signature style and there work is recognizable. Their style could be using intertextuality, similar themes, mise en scene or filming technique - repetition is important. There is usually a hook - a repeated image, used to draw the audience in e.g. close ups. If repeat viewing isn't achieved, then the video isn't a success. It could be anything, but is usually edgy/creative and creates something that stands out

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

RnB Conventions (not meeting criteria)

Justin Bieber ft Jaden Smith
This song is our example of an RnB song not meeting the conventions:

1) Most RnB songs are set in an area e.g. a club, or the streets etc. This video is the recording of them at the studio.
2) The song was in the film Karate Kid and references it by matching the music to visuals.
3) The song isn't to do with love its about proving themselves.
4) The cloths are not particularly flash they are just a celebrities casual wear.
5)The singers are not represented as rich men, they're just kids.

RnB Conventions

Trey Songz - Already Taken
This song meets the conventions of an RnB video:

1) The artist is represented as someone with a lot of money by having a very expensive car and very expensive clothes.

2) The song is about a women and how she is going to change his life which fits in with the conventions of usual RnB songs

3) In the video there are a lot of women dancing around which shows that the artist is popular and a bit of a ladies man.

4) There are scenes at a club which shows the artists music is popular and played a lot, but also has clips of Step up 3D in which sells the film as well as the artist.

5) The video is set in an urban setting for most of the video with dancers practicing in a warehouse with most of the focus still on the artist.
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